Imagine this…you’re on a Caribbean Island.  The water is blue, the breeze is soft and the temperature is about 84 degrees.  Shimmering ahead, mirage like, is a sign.  “We’ve got the coldest beer on the island!”  How does that land with you (assuming you like beer)? For many the “coldest beer on the island” is kind of a no-brainer.  Of course a traveler -  hot and parched – would be attracted by that offer.  To make it even more alluring, the sign went on to tell us “standard refrigeration doesn’t chill the core of a beer so we use ice…600 lbs a day, to chill our beer to the core”.  Oh please, may I sit in the shade and enjoy one of those frosty beauties?!

 So what’s the no-brainer for your business; that compelling service or product you could use to entice and delight your market?  What will make your restaurant or website designer business or coaching offer or repair service stand out in a crowded field?

 Take a moment to stand in your ideal customer’s shoes.  What would make their life easier and allow their agenda to flow more smoothly or give them that special experience they crave and make doing business with you the obvious choice because you take such good care of them?  How might you guarantee them better results because you know what your market values or needs most?

 As much as we might want to make an extravagant unique offer to the market to get that flood of business going, you need to ask yourself “Is this bright idea something I could do happily and well”?  Here are a couple of considerations…What is the commitment you would be proud to offer your market; one that you would feel really good about having associated with your business and your name? Imagine a guarantee that feels right to you and fits well with who and how you are as a business person.  A guarantee like that will be easier for you to wrap your arms around; ready and willing to deliver on it consistently.

 To get your creative juices flowing, here are a couple of examples… If you value friendliness, you and your staff could consistently give customers warm attentive service and maybe offer complimentary fresh coffee each morning.  If efficiency is a primary value of yours, you might guarantee that work will be consistently delivered on schedule or the customer will receive a discount.  Those who see great value in quality professional service might construct a thoughtful system that defines the step by step system necessary to deliver a high level of customer care, product and experience.

 Think of the commitment required day in and day out to offer ice chilled beer.  Think of the owner’s initiative.  It might have gone something like this.  “What’s the claim we can make…how can we tell both tourists and locals that we’re different and what can we offer that will get their attention?!  COLD BEER!  Really cold beer!  OK what do we have to do to deliver on that??  An ice machine in the back, a metal lined sink behind the bar and, most important, each employee needs to know that it’s important to keep scoping that ice.

 Where ever it is that you plant your flag, the one that makes your claim to your market, following through is essential.  All the while we were enjoying our delightfully frosty beer; the periodic sound of ice being scoped over bottles of beer could be heard.  If you can follow through with that desirable result, your customers will be happy, they’ll talk about you and your reputation and business will benefit!

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