Harness “Spring Energy” for your Success

…time to grab hold of 2011 and make it work for you!

It’s late Spring and all that energy nature stored up through the Winter is “busting out” in a grand show of blossoms and growth!  What about you?? Are you bursting with new energy but needing a clear direction to focus all that passion? 

You’re not alone… lots of business owners are taking a pause, having made it through all the “new year” excitement and expectation.  Here we are…solidly into 2011. It’s an opportune time to take a moment and chart your path for the rest of the year.

To get you on course, here is a special no-cost offer designed to help you grab hold of this year with renewed focus and energy.   It’s 20-30 minute strategy session in which you will:

Sharpen your focus for the months ahead; identify what’s really working for you and then take a look at what needs attention.  I am pleased to offer you this free “Harness ‘Spring Energy’ for your Success” strategy session, available through June 20th.  If you think you could benefit, please contact me directly at marilynfahrner@msn.com.   

In this no-cost 20-30 minute strategy session you will:

- First, get crystal clear about your vision for “success” going forward – as business owners, we are on the front line; swamped in details, demands and even crises.  We may fail to give ourselves the time to look at where we are, where we’d like to be and how we plan to get there!

- Second, recognize your three greatest strengths and decide how to use them – most people have “potential”…but as a business owner, it’s your job to take that potential to the bank; use your strengths to the fullest, to propel your vision for success.

- Finally, name the “enemy” – what gets in your way?  What slows you down? Let’s have a conversation to name your obstacles and begin to clear your path.

In our strategy session, we’ll use the steps below to develop a fuller more energized business plan for the months ahead!

You’ll begin by creating specific key milestone objectives.

The land of “great ideas”, full of wishes and dreams, is where powerful exciting plans are born, but that’s not enough.  In order for us to really truly believe in our dreams, goals must be set…followed by commitments, objectives and actions.  Not to get dreary here, but this is the “show me” moment when you get to select a handful of tangible, results- producing objectives.  These clever objectives are anchored by your vision, strengths and clear thinking.

Develop your 3 stage action plan:

An action plan is essential to give you clear direction; it’s also where you learn to trust yourself!  Here’s what you can do today. With an open mind (and some guidance from yours truly), you can develop a plan of action; one that’s structured into 3 stages then anchored with specific tasks to keep you on track.

What if you entered those tasks into your calendar and trusted your own judgment enough to do what you said you would do??  Let’s say that you actually fulfill each day’s commitment for, oh maybe, two weeks.  Where might you be??  My guess is that you’d have done some number of things you might have been putting off for quite a while.  Congratulations!  And… you would see yourself as more capable and successful; ready to take on the next stage of your action plan…

Leave with renewed energy and motivation:

Imagine yourself now…after giving yourself and your business the gift of some thoughtful attention…clearer about what you want, the steps you need to take and with a plan to follow.  This strategy session is designed to inspire you.  My intention is that you will leave our time together excited about what you do; eager to advance your plans and ready to step into the possibilities you see for your business!

I am pleased to offer this free “Harness ‘Spring Energy’ for your Success” strategy session to you, making it available through June 20th.  If you think you could benefit from this 20-30 minute conversation, please contact me directly at marilynfahrner@msn.com.  Sessions will be booked on a first come-first served basis.  I hope to hear from you!

Marilyn Fahrner MFT, CPCC

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