Think about what it takes to have a profitable business.  Many of you may be “solopreneurs”; a one person show trying to cover a lot of bases by yourself; occasionally hiring someone specialized to help, only when you really really need it. 

Even if you do have employees, assistants or professional help, it’s still your show – your job to set the priorities and establish standards as part of the culture of your business.  It’s both your responsibility and privilege to place your imprint on the face and the body of this commercial financial expression of who you are.

What a trip!  Will you do the minimum or the maximum that’s required; the most or the least to attract new customers or deliver your product or design a service that really works for people?  What’s required; how will you know?

Consider this…if your business is a reflection of who you are, what you know and the skills you’ve accumulated, all of that belongs under the umbrella of what is important to you (what you…the business owner… value).  Seems like an obvious connection but sometimes we miss it when faced with a question like “does this part of my business call for my maximum or my minimum effort/ investment?”  The “right” answer isn’t always to give it everything you’ve got!

One of the early lessons many people learn in life is to present those parts of themselves that others will like or approve.  It’s easy as we grow up to get disconnected from our own truth; as in, what’s deeply truly important to you? 

Imagine this…being really clear about what this business of yours stands for…knowing not only the “what” but also why you choose to take a particular stand.  There is considerable power and authority in allowing your values to serve as a compass; in having a compass that guides your defining decisions.

The question here asks two things: do you consciously know what you value and second, do you consult those values in the many decisions, large and small, that shape your business?  This is a conversation worth having with yourself or with someone else…to claim your power and benefit your business!

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