Your Way Forward…

As adults, life challenges us in so many ways… big and little; again and again. At times we may feel poorly prepared to handle the situations of life; uncertain about which way to go or why we are upset about what’s going on.

Challenges aren’t bad, but every challenge carries its own potential for pain, joy and growth as you strive to meet that particular need in a way that feels right.

So let’s take a look; what’s working for you and what’s not?

There are many ways that you might experience your particular struggle. Perhaps:

- You lack energy or enthusiasm for your daily living

- You find yourself getting anxious or angry or confused; wishing you could “handle” things more easily

- You can barely recall when you last played, laughed or did something really fun

- Maybe you’ve forgotten how to connect with others and often end up feeling lonely; lacking the confidence to get out, try new things and meet new people, or

- You dearly want a partner or companion but don’t know how to attract that special person.

Our work together will help you to figure out what enlivens you, satisfies you and makes each day feel worth while.  I believe that every person carries a “knowing” inside them.  That you know what you long for… together we can address whatever is standing in the way.

As a Licensed Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist and a Life Coach, I work to help reveal you to yourself.  My clients experience life changing benefits as they claim the miracle of their own sweet life!

If you want to claim your courage, build your confidence and learn to believe more deeply in who you are, I invite you to contact me.  We can have a 15-20 minute no cost telephone consultation to get to know each other a bit and help you decide if working with me is a good fit for you.

Many insurance companies will cover some portion of our sessions as part of their package of mental health services.  If you don’t have mental health insurance, I offer a sliding fee scale.